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Kobe out with injury

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Kobe Bryant missed the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday night because of a sore left ankle.

Bryant, who had played in 235 straight games, originally sprained his ankle in Philadelphia last week. He aggravated it during Wednesday night’s victory over Charlotte when teammate Lamar Odom stepped on his foot.

Bryant played Friday night in the Lakers’ 126-113 loss to the Denver Nuggets. He had 33 points and nine rebounds.

jackson reaches lakers milestone

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Phil Jackson passed pat riley as the coach with the most wins in Los-angeles Lakers history on wednesday night ,but kobe bryant hurting.

bryant didnt practice on thursday, a day after the lakerseked out a 99-97 NBA victory over the Charlotte Bobcats-jackson’s 534th victory a the helm.

Parker is back from injury

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Tony Parker has returned to the San Antonio Spurs’ starting lineup after missing three games with a mild left ankle sprain.

Parker injured his ankle on Jan. 27 in San Antonio’s 105-90 victory over Atlanta.

He is averaging 16.9 points, 2.5 rebounds and 5.8 assists in 40 games this season.

Parker, a three-time All-Star, has been troubled by the same foot all season. The French star missed four games earlier because of another ankle sprain and has been bothered by plantar fascitis.

dampier and kidd are back for the mavz

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Jason Kidd has returned to the Dallas Mavericks’ lineup after missing one game.

Kidd started at point guard Tuesday night against the Milwaukee Bucks after sitting out Sunday against the New York Knicks because of personal reasons.

Mavericks center Erick Dampier is also back in the starting lineup against the Bucks after missing Sunday’s game with a left knee injury.

J.R. Smith talking about a possible punishment

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The Denver Nuggets are talking about a possible punishment for sulking guard J.R. Smith, whose behavior has rubbed management the wrong way.

Smith didn’t attend an optional practice Sunday, after which coach George Karl described his behavior on the bench Saturday night as “eclectic.” Karl said he would meet with the team’s brass before deciding what to do.

One possibility is a suspension for Smith, who has been mired in a season-long slump and evidently was pouting Saturday night when he played a season-low 12 minutes in Denver’s 116-110 win over New Orleans.

Smith pledged more maturity this season after pleading guilty to reckless driving in a car crash that killed a friend. He spent 24 days in a New Jersey correctional facility and was suspended by the NBA for the first seven games this season.

Carmelo Anthony, the NBA’s second-leading scorer, went in for treatment on his left ankle, which he sprained in overtime Saturday night, and said he would miss Denver’s game against Charlotte on Monday night.

Anthony said his ankle didn’t swell overnight and that he didn’t feel it was a serious injury. Still, he said it was best to rest until the Nuggets visit Houston on Wednesday night.

Bulls’ Noah held out with left foot injury

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Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah is not with the team for Friday night’s game against the Atlanta Hawks due to a left foot injury.

Team spokeswoman Sebrina Brewster says Noah is in Chicago receiving treatment for plantar fasciiitis, a painful irritation and swelling of the bottom of the heel. He also missed the Jan. 23 game at Houston with the injury and is not expected to return to action until after the All-Star break.

Paul has knee surgery

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New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul will be out about four to six weeks after having arthroscopic knee surgery Thursday.

Paul will start rehabilitating immediately and be on crutches for two or three weeks, the team announced.

He will miss the Feb. 14 All-Star Game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Arenas charged with gun possession

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Suspended Washington Wizards star guard Gilbert Arenas faces a felony charge of unlawful gun possession after bringing four weapons into the locker room of the NBA club last month.

Arenas was charged Thursday with carrying a pistol without a license outside a home or business, a felony that carries a maximum five years in jail and a fine.

The charges were filed by the US Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia and Arenas is expected to appear in Superior Court on Friday.

Lawyers for Arenas had been in negotiations with prosecutors for a plea deal that might keep Arenas out of jail, according to the Washington Post, but it was not immediately known if the charge was part of any arrangement.


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From pixz
From pixz

It is well known that Nike shoes are popular and best-sellling in the world. When buying shoes it is obvious choice that you should consider Nike. This company has gained a great reputation as a manufacturer
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Compare as with any other shoes, you should buy Nikes that fit your feet and not just one that you consider stylish. What is the use of purchasing a shoe that will make you have nightmares as soon as you wear them? Nike shoes have so many advantages that how can you be not attracted by them


From pixz
From pixz

In an era before athletic-performance gear with distinctive logos existed as a market commodity, Adidas footwear were the designer sneakers of their day. For several decades, Adidas shoes were worn by professional and Olympic athletes, and the company’s distinctive three-stripe logo quietly sunk into the public consciousness through years of television cameras trained on Adidas-wearing athletes. The company and its clothing—especially the trefoil logo T-shirt—became indelibly linked with 1970s fashion, and during the early years of rap music’s ascendancy, Adidas became the first fashion brand name to find itself connected with hip-hop cool.
Like a Mercedes-Benz, Adidas shoes were considered both well designed and well made—and much of this was due to the product’s German origins. The company began in the early 1920s as slipper makers Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, in Herzogenaurach, Germany, near Nuremberg. One day in 1925 Adolf (Adi) Dassler designed a pair of sports shoes; thereafter he began to study the science behind kinetics and footwear. By 1931 he and his brother Rudolph were selling special shoes for tennis players, and they soon began to design specific shoes for the needs of specific sports. They devised many technical innovations that made their footwear popular with athletes, not the least of which was the first arch support. The brothers were also quick to realize that athletes themselves were the best advertisement for their shoes. Initiating a long and controversial history of sports marketing, in 1928 the company gave away their first pairs of free shoes to the athletes of the Olympic Games in Amsterdam. Eight years later, American sprinter Jesse Owens was wearing Adidas when he won a gold medal in track at the Berlin Olympic Games.
In 1948 the Dassler brothers had a falling-out and never spoke again. The origins of their split, which dissolved their original firm, remain somewhat of a mystery, but probably revolve around their shifting alliances before, during, and after Hitler, the Nazi Party, and World War II. Rudi was drafted and was later captured by Allied forces, while Adi stayed home to run the factory that made boots for Wehrmacht soldiers during the war. After the war, Rudi Dassler moved to the other side of Herzogenaurach and founded his own line of athletic footwear, Puma. Adolf Dassler took his nickname, Adi, and combined it with the first syllable of his last name to get ’’Adidas,’’ with the accent on the last syllable. Cutthroat competition between the two brands for hegemony at major sporting events, as well as formal legal battles, would characterize the next three decades of both Adidas and Puma corporate history.


I like both NIKE and ADIDAS in various kinds of ways. ADIDAS have a good style in making shoes that are comfortable. So do NIKE, but the style seem a little weird in making some shoes. In running shoes, my closet is full of NIKE, because NIKE running shoes are great. They are comfortable and light. For casual wear, I would prefer ADIDAS shoes. I am a soccer fan and likes soccer shoes. In Soccer, I must admit that NIKE and ADIDAS are equal. There many great shoes like TOTAL 90 and PREDATOR X for example. The best from both are MERCURIAL VAPOR and F50i. There are many other sports footwear, apparels and equipments that have many people liking them in different ways or purposes. So both brands have good products in some which is better than the other. Have some of both is the best. 🙂